Backpacking Around The Beautiful UK

London Bridge

Often when you think about backpacking, it’s Thailand and Australia which come to mind. But what about the beautiful areas of the United Kingdom? Whether you are from the UK yourself and have lived there all your life, or you have never been, either way, there are some beautiful places to explore. Home to traditional pubs, hills full of sheep and Her Majesty, the Queen, if you’re a fan of pub crawls, adorable countryside towns or you love fantastic cities full of history, England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales has it all and while these countries may be close in …

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3 Of The World’s Greatest Natural Sights – And How To See Them

northern lights

If you are a keen traveller, you will no doubt already have a long list of places that you would like to visit, re-visit, or sights that you want to see. When it comes to some of the world’s most amazing or beautiful sights out there, there are plenty to choose between, and if anything it is likely that you will often find yourself experiencing a kind of paralysis of choice. This can make it hard to know where to go and when, and it can mean that you always feel as if you are still missing out on other …

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Enjoying your Birthdays as an Adult: It Is Possible!

Birthday Celebration

Birthdays — they have always been a kind of celebration that most people look forward too because it is that one day of the year when they feel the most loved and most special. As a kid, crossing out the dates leading to your birthday, planning your whole birthday party with your parents, and actually having all your friends and classmates in your home for a day of fun and food is definitely memorable. However, as one grows, people also see birthdays differently. Then, when one becomes an adult, it suddenly becomes harder to enjoy your birthday. But, that should …

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London: The Most Expensive Place For Expats To Rent Properties

Big Ben in sunny day London

Expats in London spend the most on rental payments in Europe, based on the latest study of rates in different key cities in the continent. On average, a three-bedroom home in the British capital costs around £5,190 per month, according to the ECA International study. Rents in the city have increased mainly because of high prices of residential properties for sale, which eventually slowed down the demand from home buyers. For instance, the cost of an apartment for sale has fallen by more than £10,000 in the last 12 months, as more people prefer to rent cheap accommodation in London. …

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How To Ensure Your Dream Holiday Doesn’t Become A Holiday Nightmare

man swing beside body of water

Who doesn’t love a good holiday? With time away from the pressures of everyday life, you can rest, unwind, and do things that you wouldn’t normally get to do at home. For many of us, our holidays away are a dream come true, and the highlight of our year. On the other hand… A dream holiday can quickly become a holiday nightmare, especially when considering the factors we will list in this article. It can become the highlight of your year for all of the wrong reasons, with memories that send shivers down your spine instead of warm fuzzy feelings …

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The Best Cycle Races Around Europe

people joining a cycling race

Cycling events in Europe are very popular and inviting for cycling enthusiasts from all over the world. They offer some of the best trails, views and experiences when it comes to cycle tours. These are the things that encourage cycling hobbyists to join sporting events. They start small but eventually have their eyes on some of the most elite cycling races in the world. Some of the most popular cycling events in Europe include the following. Giant’s Causeway Coast Sportive in Northern Ireland The scenery and the challenging trails of Northern Ireland’s coastal roads make this sporting event a favourite among …

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10 Beach Activities That Never Go Out of Style

Playing volleyball at the beach

When you buy oceanfront property in Vero Beach and other beaches in FL, you get the chance to enjoy the waters every day. You’ll have that beautiful view all for yourself, and you can take a dip any time you want. Who wouldn’t want such luxury, right? There are many things you can do at the beach, whether you want some family bonding time or want to invite your friends over. Here are the tried-and-tested activities that everybody never gets tired of when they are at the beach: 1. Building Sandcastles Sandcastles and sand sculptures are not only for kids, especially …

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3 Things to Expect from Different Vacation Transport Options

orange travel van

When you’re all set to go away on vacation and have as many adventures as you can manage in a new land or locale, the first thought in your mind might not be “how am I going to travel around once I get there?” All the same, the transport options you have available to you during your vacation can have a tremendous impact on how the whole experience plays out, what you’re able to do while on your trip, and how you need to plan in advance. Broadly speaking, the three most common ways that people get around when on …

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Why Couples Should Be on the Same Page Financially Even on Vacation

happy couple on their vacation

Summer vacations are the talk of the town, and you can’t wait to go. You and your significant other made plans a long time ago. Finally, it’s time to pack up your bags, let your hair down, and just make new memories. You have high hopes, but financial problems could ruin them if you’re not careful. It’s easy to stick to a travel budget if you’re by yourself. However, when you’re with another person, both of you should be on the same page. Here’s why: You May Want to Eat at Different Places You’ve checked Seattle Center hotels over and …

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7 Reasons Why Travelling Is Good For You


When it comes to travel, everyone should be doing it. That doesn’t mean going to the same holiday location every year because it’s merely somewhere familiar. Travelling and seeing what the world has to offer is good for you in a number of ways and here are seven reasons why it will do you a world of good – pun intended. It Gives You Life Experiences When travelling, many of us will find package holidays, lounging by the pool and enjoying an all-inclusive option, a great idea. And why not? Many of us will spend our time working hard and …

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