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man near a mountain

Exploring Makes You Better: How to Develop Yourself

Jan 27, 20214 min read

Travelling is a popular pastime. Most people want to see the world and explore different places for new experiences. More…


Moving to a New City: How to Get Comfortable Fast

Jan 19, 20214 min read

People often find stepping out of their comfort zone a terrifying thing to do. They do not know what to…

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Living Abroad: How Does a Foreign Student Adjust in a New Country?

Jan 9, 20213 min read

Moving to a foreign country for whatever reason is difficult, especially if there is a language barrier. However, it can…

Air Travel

Should I Fly Commercial or Private?

Nov 19, 20204 min read

That is the question: should I fly with a commercial airline or on a private jet? This article will explore…


Where to Find Luxury in Southeast Asia: the Most Glam Places for the Rich

Nov 11, 20204 min read

Southeast Asia is known as a budget destination for travelers who want to see different sights, experience different cultures and…

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Celebrating a Beloved Coworker’s Retirement Party

Bonnie RushJan 6, 2020

Once we hit a certain age in our lives, a certain milestone or accomplishment accompanies it. When we are 18,…

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Romantic Retreats: 3 Green Bay Area Destinations to Explore

Brooke VerliniJan 3, 2020

Nestled between Michigan and Wisconsin is a portion of Lake Michigan known as Green Bay. The woodlands, towns, and waterways…

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The Perks of Being on the Mountain Peaks

Bonnie RushDec 26, 2019

Do you prefer the beach or the mountains? This question always seems to find its way in conversation starters. Both…

Forest wedding

Why Choose a Magical Forest Wedding

Bonnie RushNov 20, 2019

Weddings are always magical. To match the enchanted vibe of the event, there’s nothing more perfect than hearing the birds…

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Everything To Know About Seeing Sports Abroad

Bonnie RushFeb 6, 2019

Plenty of travelers have little to no interest in sports and thus aren’t particularly concerned with this topic. That said,…

London UK

Must-visit Film Locations in the UK

Brooke VerliniJan 9, 2019

The UK is one of the oldest nations in the world. With its rich culture and history, countless movies and…

Crying heartbroken woman

Uplifting Vacation Options to Help Heal a Broken Heart

Bonnie RushDec 7, 2018

Breakups are very unfortunate events, and trying to move on after that can be quite the challenge. Some people find…

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Go Zero Waste When Traveling with These Tips

Bonnie RushSep 7, 2018

Traveling is a fun, rewarding, and oftentimes, enlightening experience. But one thing you’ll realize along the way is how much…