5 Ways To Spot A Good Tour Guide

If you’re going on vacation soon and thinking of doing a number of different tours whilst you’re there, you need to be sure you’re picking the right tour guide for you. Although you may feel as though you’re getting good value for money, more often than not you will find that your tour will be carried out by someone who is just not that good at their job. Whether they’ve been doing it for years or they’re new to the job, tour guides will often try to scam you when it comes to day trips. Whilst it can be tricky …

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Food Presentation: How to Wow Your Customers

Plated food presentation

Food doesn’t just have to taste good when you’re in the restaurant business. You also need to make it look attractive so that people will be encouraged to order it. As they say, first impressions last and the first impression that your customers will have of your food is that of how they are presented. Proper food presentation can be a big help in ensuring that people buy your food. Here’s how you can make your food look great: Get the Right Plate Excellent presentation starts with the right foundations. This means you will need to have the right plates …

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4 Essential Planning Tips for a Stress-Free Vacation Experience

woman seating on a swing bench

Going on vacation is something everyone needs to be able to do, and this is something that will allow you to unwind and relax each year. Travel is so important because it can broaden your mind and expose you to other cultures and customs. This is why you need to make sure you take a vacation every year without fail. And there are a lot of aspects that should be planned out in advance before the trip. You have to understand what it takes to have the most complete trip you possibly can, and this means taking steps to plan …

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4 Things That Make Brisbane The Quintessential Australian City

Brisbane Lights from Kangaroo Point

There are many reasons why a trip to Australia appeals to adventurous holidaymakers all over the world. First off, and most obvious is the incredible weather that is at its warmest when the rest of the world is digging out its thermal underwear. There’s also the incredible and unique ecosystem with stunning plant and animal life that can’t be seen anywhere else on Earth. Then, of course, there’s the beaches. Oh, and who can forget the food! And the wine? Oh my goodness. You simply haven’t lived until you’ve visited an Aussie winery (although their Kiwi neighbours are no slouches …

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Be Sure to Explore these Cultural Attractions If You Visit Perth

Barrack Square, Perth, Australia

Australia is the kind of place where just about anyone can take a long and ambitious vacation, and experience something that “works for them.” If you’re an amateur ecologist at heart, you could disappear into lush locations such as Daintree rainforest, the oldest tropical rainforest in the world. If you’re a surfer dude or dudette, you can spend your entire trip suntanning on a beautiful sandy beach. And, if you’re into cultural attractions, there are plenty of those to go around, too. Perth is one of the best-known cities in Australia and features plenty of cultural attractions of its own. …

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Backpacking Around The Beautiful UK

London Bridge

Often when you think about backpacking, it’s Thailand and Australia which come to mind. But what about the beautiful areas of the United Kingdom? Whether you are from the UK yourself and have lived there all your life, or you have never been, either way, there are some beautiful places to explore. Home to traditional pubs, hills full of sheep and Her Majesty, the Queen, if you’re a fan of pub crawls, adorable countryside towns or you love fantastic cities full of history, England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales has it all and while these countries may be close in …

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3 Of The World’s Greatest Natural Sights – And How To See Them

northern lights

If you are a keen traveller, you will no doubt already have a long list of places that you would like to visit, re-visit, or sights that you want to see. When it comes to some of the world’s most amazing or beautiful sights out there, there are plenty to choose between, and if anything it is likely that you will often find yourself experiencing a kind of paralysis of choice. This can make it hard to know where to go and when, and it can mean that you always feel as if you are still missing out on other …

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Enjoying your Birthdays as an Adult: It Is Possible!

Birthday Celebration

Birthdays — they have always been a kind of celebration that most people look forward too because it is that one day of the year when they feel the most loved and most special. As a kid, crossing out the dates leading to your birthday, planning your whole birthday party with your parents, and actually having all your friends and classmates in your home for a day of fun and food is definitely memorable. However, as one grows, people also see birthdays differently. Then, when one becomes an adult, it suddenly becomes harder to enjoy your birthday. But, that should …

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London: The Most Expensive Place For Expats To Rent Properties

Big Ben in sunny day London

Expats in London spend the most on rental payments in Europe, based on the latest study of rates in different key cities in the continent. On average, a three-bedroom home in the British capital costs around £5,190 per month, according to the ECA International study. Rents in the city have increased mainly because of high prices of residential properties for sale, which eventually slowed down the demand from home buyers. For instance, the cost of an apartment for sale has fallen by more than £10,000 in the last 12 months, as more people prefer to rent cheap accommodation in London. …

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How To Ensure Your Dream Holiday Doesn’t Become A Holiday Nightmare

man swing beside body of water

Who doesn’t love a good holiday? With time away from the pressures of everyday life, you can rest, unwind, and do things that you wouldn’t normally get to do at home. For many of us, our holidays away are a dream come true, and the highlight of our year. On the other hand… A dream holiday can quickly become a holiday nightmare, especially when considering the factors we will list in this article. It can become the highlight of your year for all of the wrong reasons, with memories that send shivers down your spine instead of warm fuzzy feelings …

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