Choosing Your Hotel Is Just As Important As The Destination


Everybody loves summer for two specific reasons; cooling off and going on extravagant vacations, both options which have become increasingly possible with the world slowly opening up. However, despite our dreams of traveling like a celebrity this 2021, one grievous mistake that most newbie travel enthusiasts tend to make is settling for a bad hotel without the slightest idea of the repercussions this will have on their travelogue. What’s worse, an issue with your hotel is a problem that’s easily avoidable with proper planning and insight beforehand. Still, once you set foot in the room and check-in, there’s very little you can …

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Ethical Travel: Making Your Adventures Socially Conscious


It can be easy to feel bad when you decide to travel to certain places in the world. Some of the most beautiful locations across the globe are also some of the poorest, with people struggling to live a life similar to the one that you enjoy at home. This leaves a lot of travelers with a sense of remorse for the places they visit, feeling as though they should have done something to improve the areas that they visit. Of course, this can be a challenge, but this article will be exploring some of the best ways to make …

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How to Get Your Project Bike Finally Ready For Adventure: 3 Key Steps


Taking on a project bike is a fantastic idea. Once your custom bike is finished, you can transform any simple road trip into an adventure. It doesn’t matter if you’re staying local for your travels or going further afield, your bike will be your best companion.  Unfortunately, more often than not, the project eventually trickles to a halt. It’s easy to run out of time, money, or ideas. Sometimes the project ends before it can even begin, as you can’t find the perfect bike to build up from.  So, let’s make sure that your dream bike becomes a reality. 1. …

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Need Couple Time? Check out These Travel Tips to Save on Bucks

couple on top of a mountain

Traveling on a budget as a solo traveler is hard enough, so imagine doing that as a couple. That’s twice the amount of money you have to spend on airline tickets, food, and accommodation. Things can get really hard when you want to spend time as a couple. Luckily, when you know some little tricks and tips, traveling as a couple may even be more money-saving than paying for everything by yourself. Couples should make time for themselves. They need to spend time together, talk with each other, and experience things. They have to go on adventures together. These things …

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Temporary Living: 4 Hacks to Reduce Costs in Your Home

cost computation

Moving to a new home can be an exciting feeling, especially for your first time. The event signals that your independence, freedom, maturity, and responsibility. It will feel like starting a new chapter in life. However, you will find that the first attempt will not be your last. You might be moving to a dorm room or an apartment near your university. At the start of your adult life, you might be renting out a home to move closer to work. You will be moving to multiple homes, but they will be temporary. If you know you are in a …

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4 Tips on How To Make Your Travels and Vacations More Enjoyable


There is no joy in a vacation without the proper framework and structure for having fun. You need to ensure that your vacation has all the elements of fun before setting out. It would help if you maximised every opportunity to grow while having fun.  Regardless of the destination, there is always something new that will fascinate you or get you thinking from a different perspective. It is in these moments that you get to reminisce about the good times you had. Therefore, you should focus your attention on creating these memories and moments to give your vacation meaning.  Here …

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Immersing in Culture and Tradition through the Singaporean Cuisine

Singapore hawker

Travelling to Singapore is an excellent treat whether you visit the place alone or with your loved ones. Exploring tourist spots such as the Marina Bay Sands, Gardens by the Bay, Sentosa Island, and Universal Studios will feed your eyes with unforgettable visuals. However, if you want to know more about this beautiful country, the best thing you can do is immerse yourself in Singaporean cuisine. Keep in mind that travels will never be complete without indulging in sumptuous meals and visiting famous restaurants and food stalls. Thus, make sure to allocate some time to go to famous places for …

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Dream Jobs: Travel While You Work

As Lover Boy once said, everybody’s workin’ for the weekend, and if you work behind a desk in a 9-to-5, you know all too well that itch you get in the middle of a workday to just get up, leave, and never come back. If adventure is in your soul, it’ll be hard to deny its call even when you’re forced to wear a suit and tie every day: you probably have a trip planned out in the next few months, or have a photo of some exotic location as your desktop wallpaper, whatever. The point is: you want an …

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Travel Is Good, But It Needs to Be Responsible Post-pandemic

woman near a pool

The coronavirus crisis has brought world tourism to a complete halt. People were forced to remain at home for safety reasons brought in due to the outbreak of the pandemic. However, things have eased now, and the restrictions are lifted in most regions worldwide. The crisis has awakened the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) who called for a responsible recovery of the tourism sector. The recovery program highlights some pointers that can help the tourism industry recover from the challenges of the coronavirus. It is an initiative taken to ensure the complete safety of tourists and travelers. However, it is …

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Post-pandemic Road Trip Reminders

woman holding map at the side of the road

Everyone has been missing road trips these days. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us are left at home to keep the virus from spreading further, while a number of us are staying in hospitals to recover from the virus. This pandemic has been an isolating experience, but it has also allowed us to reflect on essential things in life. From gardening to working out at home, we have acquired many hobbies over the course of the global health crisis. We have gone through many trials and errors to figure out what could help us ward off symptoms of …

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