I usually travel to discover new cultures, languages, ways of living. When you visit a western culture major city, it’s not that easy to realize that you’re in another country … comparing to any asian capitals for example. That’s true for Sydney, until you see the magnificient Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera… and… some koalas and kangaroos!

On our second day on the island continent, Taronga Zoo invited us to discover the native australian wildlife. Here is my first tip : Arrive early, leave late. With hundreds of animals (just look at this list), you’ll have to makes some choices… or walk fast if you don’t plan to spend the all day there.

To get to Taronga Zoo, you can take the ferry from Circular Quay (12 minutes, each 30 minutes). It’s a 12 minutes of happiness for us since it was the first time we could see the city from that angle. Take a look at this picture :

When you get at the Zoo, you should (MUST!) take the Sky Safari cable. It’s included in the admission fee so don’t bother with the bus! As you go up to the entrance, you’ll see some elephants as long as you’ll have a great view on the skyscrapers and the Opera. Amazing, really!

Taronga Zoo Cable Car

We’ve been at the Zoo for at least 6 hours, just enough time to make a bunch of new friends :

Taronga Zoo Koala

Taronga Zoo Kangaroo

Taronga Zoo Giraffe

Admission fee is 41$ for an adult or 104$ for 2 adults and 2 childs which is a bit expensive for an entry to a Zoo but it totally worth it. Look for a ferry/zoo entry combo in tourist information offices in Sydney, there is a little discount.

More pictures : Taronga Zoo pictures
Website : Taronga Zoo

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