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Inca Trail - Peru - Kelty Backpack
“This picture is atop the first pass on the Inca Trail in Peru ( Warmiwanusca – 13,780 ft). There were three more days after this to reach Machu Picchu. An incredible trip! My friend Mat (on the left in the picture) is currently traveling the globe while I sit here in an office and work…..I’m not jealous though :) – MJ
Peru Map

Backpack brand: Kelty
Backpack model and capacity: Kelty 5600
The location where you took the picture: Inca Trail, Peru
Trip Length: 8 days
Read Mat’s (left) blog:

Thanks to MJ Menely!


The Lost Girls Leaving New Zealand

The Lost Girls - Christchurch - New Zealand - EMS Backpack - Snowgum Backpack - Kelty Backpack
“After suffering from an acute case of quarterlife burnout in New York City, best friends Holly Corbett, Jen Baggett and Amanda Pressner decided to chuck their boyfriends, apartments and steady media jobs to travel around the world for a year. They hit five continents and more than a dozen countries, and thanks to their PacSafes and some pretty sharp reflexes, managed to avoid having anything stolen during the journey! In this photo, taken on their last day in New Zealand, the girls are waiting for yet another airport shuttle (and mugging for the camera).” – Amanda
New Zealand Map

Name: Holly Corbett (left)
Backpack brand: EMS
Backpack model and capacity: Summit 4500 (4500 cubic inches)

Name: Amanda Pressner (middle)
Backpack brand: Snowgum (an Aussie brand)
Backpack model and capacity: Not sure! I bought mine second-hand from an Australian friend of mine for $75, and its probably about 4500 cubic inches.

Name: Jennifer Baggett (right)
Backpack brand: Kelty
Backpack model and capacity: Coyote Pack–Women’s, 4500 cubic inches

The location where you took the picture: Christchurch, New Zealand
Trip Length: One year
More info at:

Thanks to Holly, Jennifer and particularly to Amanda!

Note from Mathieu: You really should take a look at their blog if you didn’t know these girls yet folks. They rock! I’m a big fan!

Rabbit Lakes, Anchorage, Alaska, United States  - Osprey Backpack
“The snow proved to be too deep, so the Corgi went into my buddy’s pack. Last time he goes on a back country ski trip.” – Jason
United States Map
Backpack brand: Osprey
Backpack model and capacity: One 35 lb + Corgi
The location where you took the picture: Rabbit Lakes, Anchorage, Alaska, United States
Trip Length: 1 day

Thanks to Jason Meyer